Let’s talk about Floods, shall we?

What is a flood in the most generic sense?

Excessive amount of water caused due to heavy pouring leading to clogging and drowning.
Did we mention the source of water?
Yes, it has to be a Water body.
Pond, Lake, Reservoir, River, Sea, Ocean.
Are we missing out on something?

Yes, Perhaps.

Do you know that there is this tiny pair of organs that we have which is a charm for many, which is believed to be a symbol of truth and a window to the soul?
Yes, the Eyes.
The pair of eyes is also a Water body.

I remember how the 6/7 year old me would ask the same riddle to almost every other person I befriended with – “What has water but no fish in it?” I would giggle and watch out for the correct answer – “The Eyes.”

Yes, an Eye is as much of a Water body as the natural natural sources of water are. Yes, it can be flooded too due to excessive pouring and yes, it leads to clogging and drowning too. 
To make it simpler,
“Excessive Pouring of Emotions leads to the Flooding of the Eyes in the form of Tears, resulting in the Clogging of Thoughts and Drowning within the self.”
(This applies both to the Tears of Joy and Sorrow – read with the perspective you want and it will still fit in correctly)
Interesting, isn’t it?

A person drowning physically due to flooding in the surroundings might be praying for life, trying to escape death while one drowning within the self might be either praying for the life (the moment) to last longer or for a better life or a better death – that’s the only key difference. 

As I see people struggling on the TV screen – all their materialistic possessions drowned in the rainwater – screaming their bellies out and asking for help; my brain cannot stop and only draws parallels.
I wonder if it is as easy for people drowning within themselves to scream their hearts out and seek help. And my inner voice already says, “It’s not.”
A flood in the eyes – or simply put: Crying – is seen as a weakness or a matter of shame. The whole “men cannot cry theory” has its roots right here.

Just like entirely blaming the government for a natural calamity is wrong, Blaming an individual for their emotional upheavals is Equally Wrong. 

Yes, a Government is expected to use its machinery to prevent human loss and help with rehabilitation and is responsible for it and an Individual can also be responsible for their thoughts, feelings, habits and actions.
Something is missing in the latter case.
The Machinery.
Do we Provide enough emotional and mental machinery (support) to fellow Human Beings (even living beings for that matter)?
Perhaps not.

Blame game and mockery is nowhere a solution to any sort of problem anywhere.
Calamities and Upheavals are parts and parcels of lives.

As we demand governments to be more responsible, accountable, Democratic and to do justice to the Polity, 
Let us also be more responsible, accountable,
Humane and do justice to Humanity 🙂