The Recipe of PositiviTEA!

  1. Take a saucepan and place it on the burner
  2. Add a cup of drinking water
  3. Turn the Bernard on as a great Ginger
  4. Add grated Ginger to the water followed by tea leaves and sugar according to taste
  5. Let the solution boil for a while
  6. Add three fourth cup of milk and let it boil
  7. Smell check –  Burner off –  pour it in your cup.. 

and WHOA!

Aaie’s special “आल्याचा चहा” / अदरक वाली चाय /  Ginger tea is ready!

 My love for tea –  specially ginger tea –  precisely the one made by aaie –  is too much to put in words;  so much that I am a serial tea drinker ; )  and the way this love has evolved drives me crazy;  not kidding.

 Right from praising Aaie for the tasty tea and learning to make it the exact same way to having tea at any given hour,  having entire event around tea,  making someone drink tea and fall for it after hating it for 19 years and clicking pictures of aesthetic tea cups, shooting ASMR tea videos; I have done it all.

I’ve had my share of creativiTEA too and I have so many peTEA to preTEA puns on Tea ready that my friends have even called me TEArtha : P

 Well,  jokes apart.  The position that this beverage has in my heart, brain, stomach and on my taste buds is simply irreplaceable.  Before you think I’m done – Spilling Tea is as favourite a hobby of mine as making and savouring it is!

Now that you know the recipe of Aaie’s special Ginger Tea, here’s also a recipe of positiviTEA for you before we bid adieu:

 If you are reading this at the moment, CONGRATULATIONS! We have survived another year of a global pandemic while facing our own shares of joys and sorrows. Remember that your achievements throughout this year are Nobody else’s cup of tea and you deserve more than what you think for reaching where you are right now.  I won’t bombard you with philosophy but here’s how my cups of tea are made-  making every effort count can seem stressful and intimidating. Don’t be Harsh; live in the moment and make Every Breath count. It will be all worth it at the end. : )

Here’s to Ginger tea, Deep Conversation and 2021 (TwenTea TwenTea-one) !

Missing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2022!